Sunday 7 August 2022

Claymore- where worlds collide

 I had an enjoyable visit to the Claymore show yesterday. We arrived early, parked with ease and proceeded to have a most pleasant breakfast In Morrisons next door. I went with a couple of my regular opponents and enjoyed catching up with other folk too. Wargamers from my youth, from my Uni club, from where I live and one I finally met having seen him in Zoom meetings for what seems an age now. Wargaming worlds colliding indeed. Here are photos of some of the games-

A splendid ACW game run by very friendly folk. Had a big chat about rules with them. They kindly demonstrated their rules by running through examples. 
A Wars of the Roses game I think but can’t quite recall.
Border Reiver skirmish games with forthcoming rules and figures.
More splendid ACW figures, cavalry, with nice status marker display thingy.
I was very taken with the terrain for this game which looked terrific.
Wars of the Roses game. I was a tad disappointed they have not added troop types to make this a more universal fifteenth century ruleset to allow their use in the Burgundian Wars .
Spectacular ancient game with 2mm figures , very much looked the part.
Lovely painted cloth battlefield and croupier sticks to aid figure movement.
Another view of the unique and innovative terrain for the game I mentioned earlier.
A visually stunning Samurai naval clash in 28mm with terrific boats and home made wreckage waiting to be deployed.
28mm ancient game. Sadly I did not see any 18th century games at the show, perhaps I missed them.

Detailed and interesting 28mm game with loads of books and information at the side of the table.

Finally my purchases or rather my only purchase-

The three of us who went to the show all bought a copy . We shall see if they are indeed a solution to our gaming needs. A most enjoyable show and day out!


  1. Looks like a great day. I think I've only ever been to Claymore once and that was many, many years ago. Always looks like a good day out. I'm interested in the Strength and Honour rules (although probably in 10mm rather than 2)

  2. Thanks for sharing, very much appreciated.


  3. Looks and sounds fabulous, Alan.
    From what you say of the parking, you must have got there before Jim!

    1. I arrived just before 11am and the car park was absolutely choked. I checked and there were no other events on campus that day and no student activity.

    2. Above anonymous is me, Jim

  4. The "painted cloth" game is Bautzen by the Tyneside Wargames club with 10mm figures. The figures (but not all the painting!), cloth and sign were the work of Pete Foggin (who has sculpted figures for Outpost, Warrior, Old Glory UK and QRF). Pete sent me some more photos which I've put up on the blog.
    Haven't been up to Claymore since the 1980s!

  5. Seems you enjoyed a good day out with friends. Thanks for the game pictorial.

  6. Bonnie Blue Flag uses the interesting concept that the results of firing, etc come from testing morale of the target unit. Failures of morale tend to give an attrittion marker to a unit and a unit can usually take 4 markers before they are out of action. I've been meaning to try them for a while. I'll be interested to hear what you make of them.

  7. Thanks for the pictures; good to see and hear about the event.



  8. Yes, this looked like a great show and as I have commented ad nauseum elsewhere, we in New Zealand are green with envy seeing these events, as we have nothing comparable here unfortunately! That Imjin River terrain is museum quality stuff - possibly not very functional for actually gaming on, but it looks superb

  9. Attending Claymore and putting on a game was something I did for a longtime. I was young and very keen, and couldnt see anything wrong with setting off from England at some silly hour to drive over the border to stage a wargame. Thats when it was staged at Adam House which apart from the three floors was a great venue and very central.Once it moved to the coast it became a bit of a problem and the last time I attended I ended up paying for a taxi to and from the venue. Its still a great show with the chance to see some very talented wargamers, but location lets it down.