Saturday 20 August 2022

Patent illustration

 Found this on a trawl through the interweb. A fascinating patent drawing. Does anyone know anything about it?


  1. Rather than being an early movement tray, Beiser in the USA worked with Britain’s Ltd to produce a shooting game for figures with adapted bases with clever adapted base clips on a board that would allow a figure to flip over when struck. The whole thing could be reset easily.

    I like early Beiser figures and their colour schemes - I have picked up a few battered figures over the years.

    1. Interesting (if true and not apocryphal) the point about round versus square bases

    2. The patent looks duller than the shooting game clips - a rough translation of the German suggests it is a patent for shipping storage and display of tin figures by locking them into place using the round base lugs. This would of course function as a crude movement tray.

  2. Fascinating stuff, Thanks Mark.