Sunday 15 January 2023

Donnybrook essentials

 I bought Donnybrook years ago , read it with interest and filed it as a “one day” project. The rules were interesting, glossy and full of potential. Now I see the authors are about to sell a no frills version of the rules reminiscent of the style of yesteryear-

I am delighted to read this and hope it works well for them. I loved the amateur, simple , booklets ( rules or army/uniform info) of earlier hobby days. I for one am going to buy a copy, what about you?


  1. It's interesting that there's only 19 pages of basic rules in Donnybrook, less given the space the photos take up. Making up the rest of the 120 pages are lots of special rules, faction, scenarios. And lots and lots of photos. I'd suggest that's the main change in rules and I'm intriguied that essentials seem to include lots of line drawings. The trend of rules to include lots of photos which aren't essential for the rules (I'm ok with those that illustrate the rules) must increase the cost (look how many can now be seen at £30-40). I now rarely bother with such products as I equally rarely find the content to be particularly inovative.

  2. I had read that too. Worth a look?

  3. The hardcopy is only $12, which seems reasonable to take a chance on.