Monday 16 January 2023

Greenshirts or boys from the Banat - MLS again

 Been working on some figures for the Banat of Samovar-

The above are reservists, wearing old fashioned uniforms supplemented with personal items of attire.
These are Social Credit Party of the Banat of Samovar Militia or “Greenshirts “ as they are commonly known-

Well organised militia with heavy machine guns.

Finally working on some officers -

I stuck them to bases so that they could be easily identified on the battlefield and when leading units. I also have decided to have five figures per 4 inch hex or square as opposed to four as I like the look it gives. This is a busy week so l doubt if I will have a chance for a solo game for a few days…


  1. Nice force for a small skirmish. I've been thinking of getting into A Very British Civil War.

    1. Each five figures is a unit for my Memories of ‘34 game ( rules by Brian ) an occupy a hex/square.
      I really enjoy VBCW games. I play at platoon level with three sections of ten men and a hq section. Sometimes we have an extra section or mortar or hmg too. This is what each side fields.
      The rules we use are “Went the Day well?” and they give an exciting game on my 6 by 3 dining table . The source books are well produced too. Through this period I began to read more deeply into the background of interwar history and politics not to mention military matters. This has become an abiding interest for me and one l would not have got into had l not “played” the period.
      Alan Tradgardland

  2. Nice looking troops. The Green Shirts were great idea.

  3. Thanks, l do like the look of the Greenshirts, they have come up well.
    Alan Tradgardland