Wednesday 4 January 2023

Guild gangs

 Yesterday l printed the Minceheim rules ( ) with a view to doing some skirmishes between different gangs . I want the gangs to be diverse as possible to allow me to create some interesting gangs with unique features. A rummage in the shed brought some Bruegelberg figures to light as well as this box of potentialities -

I worked on two gangs today-

One figure has an axe and pistol, one figure a sword and pistol, one figure an arquebus and the final figure has two pistols. These men are from the guild of gunsmiths who make and repair the City’s guns. They are proud of their technical knowledge and have a determination to bring the age of gunpowder quickly to their locality.

One figure has a two handed sword. One figure a crossbow , one figure a bow and one figure a knife with club. These men are from a rather down at heel archery/ come social club which styles itself a guild but is a place to go for a heady mix of shooting, cheap beer and popular piety directed upon St Sebastian.

I am indebted the book below for inspiration, background and an idea for a colour scheme-

I hope to do some work on these in the coming days as well as to start work on some other gangs. Hopefully a game will be set up in the not too distant future…


  1. This looks like it may be an interesting little diversion Alan, and gangs of four should fit nicely with your tray based gaming plans?

    1. I hope so, a bit of tray based fun and more…
      Alan Tradgardland

  2. Wow! I am so honored that soldiers are being made to play Minceheim. I hope they hold up and are fun! I’m hoping to play a 28mm game of it myself this weekend with some figures I’ve prepped.

  3. I’m thinking of doubling the distances for 28mm figures, are you?
    I look forward to hearing about your game.
    Alan Tradgardland

  4. Sounds an interesting book! I need to get back into Minceheim - well, now I have some more terrain it's probably time.