Tuesday 8 July 2008

AD 1758 and 2008

The Ducal Court are enjoying the summer sun. All talk is of the recent letter from Skogsmork . Karl Frederick, by public proclamation, shared its contents with the whole Duchy. In essence the new Duke of Skogsmork has declared his friendship for Duke Karl Frederick and a desire that the two Duchies might live in concord and felicity. Duke Wolfgang has pledged, upon the memory of his late father Otto , that he will not make any threatening maneuvers not at the moment or in perpetuity....

The Court cannot decide wether they are upon the verge of a golden age of peace with Skogsmork or not. Hawks and doves within the circle of advisers to Duke Karl Frederick attempt to gain his ear. As ever the Duke listens gracefully but keeps his own council.

My daughter's digital camera broke yesterday and I now lack the means to post photographs of figures painted and in process of being painted. I ask for your patience - normal service will be resumed soonish I hope !


  1. I really enjoyed looking at your links, especially the 18th century blog with it's great pictures. I've taken the liberty of adding your site to my links. It save me several steps in viewing your site. Best regards...Bill

  2. Good luck with getting a new camera.

    -- Jeff