Tuesday 29 July 2008

Wolf Pits

Today it was rather rainy so I thought I would have a go at producing some hastily dug field defences for my Croats - called Wolf Pits. Firstly I took a MDF base and stuck a circle or two of twine on to form the holes. The landscape was built up with tetrion and a pebble or two. After drying it was painted and grassed.
A couple of Croat figures from RSM were cut off at the waist and added to the brown painted holes. All was left to finally dry with the figures supported as shown. I will post a finished photo later...


  1. Had not heard of wolf pits until I saw them on the der alt fritz's site. Are they like fox holes? If so I think I like your idea of cuting the figures in half and use scenery to fill in. Can't wait to see the final product...Bill

  2. I can't help but wonder now . . . what are you going to do the the bottom halves of those Croats?

    -- Jeff

    PS, I assume that it's been said that those Croats "don't have a leg to stand on"

  3. Why Jeff! I'm surprized that a wargamer of your experience has never recruited for the infamous "Half-Battalion".


  4. I hadn't heard of wolf pits either until then (Alte Fritz's site).

    Lots of half-baked ideas for the rest of the Croats, but don't go off half-cocked.