Sunday 20 July 2008

Holiday/mapping and a request for help...

Well I am back ! I had a super week in Yorkshire with the family - looked for fossils (and found some ) upon the beach, saw an interesting exhibition of local Roman archaeaology in Malton, bought superb kippers in Whitby and took a copy of Battlegames to further research my campaign map!

A lot seems to be happening in EvE and the Jacobites have done so well! I have posted this picture to give an idea of the lakes and hills on the Skogsmork Tradgardland border - where my mini campaign will be set. I am starting the mapping process which will be at the scale of roughly 2.5 inches to the mile - this will give enough detail to work in well with my skirmish rule idea of small scale combat and maneuver.

The largest lake in the area has the border running through it and is patrolled from both sides by boatmen. They will use boats equipped as follows:

10 metre boat with 16 oars equipped with 2x 3pdr guns , with sail also.

24 metre boat with thirty oars equpiied with 6 x 3pdr , with sails also.

I currently mapping the largest lake in the area and need your help- I am looking for information about German place name endings with topographical meanings to add some flavour to the map - can you help? Well I had better get back to the mapping and gardening while the sun shines...


  1. Yorkshire's a lovely place to visit. I was there at the wargames holiday centres in Thornton-le-Dale and Filey in the 80's.

    Your freshwater navy idea is an attractive one. I'm going to do something similar with Hetzenberg and Dunkeldorf-Pfuhl.

  2. I had been looking at some old maps of part of Austria and noticed a few things about placenames (maybe local Austrian variations on High German or maybe a difference in old vs. more recent?)
    -egg (not sure about the sigificance/meaning of this one)
    -stain (vs. "stein")
    -perg (vs. "berg", or "burg"?)
    -pach (vs. "bach")

  3. Here is a link to a wonderful map. Click on any sector and it brings up that sector . . . click again and you see a very large image. The road networks would be wonderful for those who like to use such maps.

    Here is the link (you might have to copy/paste it in two chunks because of the word wrap):


    -- Jeff

  4. Ah, you though I forgot you, didn;t you? But no! Talked to my wife a few evenings ago and wrote down a few things I thought of too. Here you go:

    -bach = little brook
    -berg = mountain
    -wald = wood or forest
    -heim = home (ok, this is more Norwegian, but I like the sound of it)
    -huegel = hill
    -tal = valley
    flaeche = plain
    -fluss = river
    -gebirge = mountains
    -gebiet = area, region
    -heide = heath
    -strand = beach
    -zee = sea or lake
    -teich = pond
    -ufer = bank (of pond or stream or river)

    There you go! These terms should help in naming features and paces in your campaign. You can also find lots of maps online of formerly German/Austrian places and mine those for Germanic sounding place names.



  5. Ah nostalgia - as a Yorkshireman living in exile in the Midlands for nearly 30 years now I really do pine for the North. Yorkshire's a great place - well, parts of it are, anyway. ;-) Much of it is far quieter and less crowded than further south in England.

    For German names, pick up a cheap German-English-German dictionary (I have an old Cassell's which I bought for a pound or two a few years ago) - it's excellent to dabble in and pluck out interesting names for ImagiNations.