Wednesday 23 July 2008

On the workbench...

Here are two pictures of the ship I reffered to in the last posting- early stages but moving forward. I will post more as progress is made!


  1. I would suggest you use a computer art program to draw out a few types of planking in colour, print off a sheet or two, then cut and paste to the basic hull form. It'll serve for both hull and deck planking and save a lot of work. I've found computer inkjet printouts will also take Klear floor polish without running/bleeding, so there's an option for making the result more durable.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished boat,it looks perfect for river transport...Bill

  3. Stir stix could also be used to create the decking/planking.

    You lay them out on wax paper as you glue them together into the 'planking' sections before attachment to the final model, then trim off to perfection with a hobby saw or blade. The deck planks just get laid out 'in place' on your cardstock.

    In the end you have a bit heavier model but the 'rough and tumble' effect is striking.