Saturday 5 July 2008

Duchy happenings...

A rainy day in Fife today. Yesterday was Summer here. Coffee am with my wife Jan, collecting the children from their last day at school for the Summer hols, lunch in the garden and then off to the beach! Aberdour is about 15 mins drive away and has lovely beaches - we are indeed blessed! Home to drink German wine in the garden and have our evening meal out there too! Evening with topped off by the arrival of my brother in law on his new bike - kawasaki ninja - quite a warhorse if ever I saw one ! A good day...
Here as promised is my first Duchy of Skogsmork regiment, featuring an invaluable book from my library- one I have consulted often over the years.
We are now all off work and it is good to be less pressured. On Thursday my regular opponent came over and we fought Swiss v Burgundians. The game was a draw - first time the Swiss haven't won in absolute ages. Afterwards as Jan was at a colleagues retrial meal I watched tv and caught "Black hawk down " a film I have never seen . Quite a movie and utterly gripping.
I am deciding what to paint next - perhaps republican Romans having over indulged on " Rome" on dvd of late as well as reading " Ceaser" by Adrian Goldsworthy, perhaps 15th century french or maybe more Skogsmork . You , dear reader, will be kept up to date very soon...
P.S A happy Independence Day to Jim ,Stokes and all our readers!


  1. Nice paint job, very festive! :-)

  2. Consider it done! I've added the link to your blog. Thanks for the nudge.

    Best Regards,


  3. Handsome lads all!
    Best regards...Bill