Wednesday 4 April 2012


Wednesday  6.50 a.m...
The painting proceeded well yesterday ,a very busy day was had by all. I never fail to be amazed by how much space books take when off the shelves. I include a photo of the work in progress including reflection of myself as photographer. I have also included photographs of a book which belonged to my father. I loved it's illustrations and cutaway diagrams as a boy and still do. I think it encouraged me to get into things military hobbywise and certainly fed into my Airfix /Bellona wargaming of my teens. I hope you enjoy the pictures too...


  1. Certainly do enjoy the pictures thanks. I have seen those endpapers before so I may have once owned a copy myself. Glad work is progressing well with the decorating

  2. A serious load of books; you're right they always take up a lot of space when not on shelves

    the book pictures are interesting, I may buy a copy

    have fun with the decorating

    -- Allan

  3. Nice work with the painting Alan! We are finishing up the same kind of work here as well!

    That is a nice drawing of the infantry attack. Who needs text with a self-explanatory illustration like that?
    My strategic tendencies (chaos!) are better illustrated by the print in red ink, however!


  4. I love to see a house with a load of books like that!