Friday 13 April 2012

Of Balsa and significant numbers...

This morning I find myself rising and finding the sunne already shining in a blue sky and its only 7.00 am! This has been a busy holiday week with much to do and not too much R&R. We have been involved in trying to sort out building work for my mother and accompanying her through the hoops one has to jump through. Ikea furniture has been purchased and made without the air turning too blue And diverse paperwork done .It has been busy!
Last night I had the rare event of having the house to myself as the rest of the family were out together at a friend's house. I was enthralled by the Indian Premier League cricket on ITV4 with two really exciting games. For one who is a tad traditionalist in  many things I am surprised just how much the glitzy world of 20/20 really appeals to me- but it does! The cricket was followed up by a failed attempt to open a bottle of Old Peculiar as our bottle opener was broken and binned last week. Having made some tea instead I settled down to 1612 on dvd . Quite a watch indeed! I was transported back to my Muscovite Hinchcliffe army of the late seventies now long gone. Oh dear i feel my thoughts turning east again. A great film ,visually stunning and splendid viewing.Russia does hermetical holy men so much better than we in the West.
A couple of photos showing ongoing projects. Firstly seed bought which ought to be sown and placed in garden room/plastic cold frame thingy. Potatoes chitting away btw too. My petrol driven mower has died so a hand mower person powered has been ordered.I will be fitter if nothing else! The second photo shows the start of scratch building  Scots 17th century frame guns to 1/32 54mm scale to use in garden gaming. I had searched for suitable barrels for a few days when a chocolate swizzle stick was eaten and the left-over rod was found to be ideal. Definitely a work in progress but I am excited to see what happens when detail and paint are added. 
Finally the post man brought a new book for me by one of my favourite authors Aidan Nichols about G K Chesterton as a theologian. I have started it and it is an excellent read.Have a good day one and all.


  1. Did the swizzle stick make all 5 barrels or did you have to eat more than one?
    I am holding fire with my spuds as long as possible just to ensure they are not frosted too badly.

  2. Excellent post! Must agree with Springinsfeld on the spuds front - mine are still chitting. Perhaps in the ground in the next fortnight - and I live in the tropics compared with the Duchy. I see you've a packet of sweet peas - have you ever tried getting them startted in pots over the winter? I pot mine in November, and they are out in the ground now. Shivering.

  3. Blast! Meant to mention GKC - he seems to be a hot topic among certain, cultured, wargamers at the moment!

  4. Alas one swizzle stick was all that was needed but that was all we had in ,so just as well I guess.Do you watch tv gardeners or is it too much of a busman's holiday for you?

    I have tried sweet peas sown in Nov in the past but have found them neither better or worse than the ones sown nowish.I like to imagine GKC & HGW playing Little Wars together and debating issues of the day- well it could have happened...