Saturday 7 April 2012

Taking the easy way out?

Saturday Morning.
No this is not a picture of me as a result of this week's DIY but rather an intro to this morning's post here at the Duchy. I am rather tired having stayed up later than usual to watch a splendid 2hr documentary on Queen which was most enjoyable. Anyway down to business. I am raising a 54mm ECW army for garden service curently. I have begun the project,hoped to do more,got sidetracked by 20mm etc etc. I originally decided to do some Royalists but came up with the conceit of doing some Scots as something different...
After all I live a mile or two from the site of the battle of Inverkeithing and nearish to the place of the last stand of clan troops in the battle. So  I have gone for it. Using 54mm Plastic chaps there will be a few fudgings of history- like the use of armour for the pikemen- but who cares between friends? I had thought of converting heads to bonnets with Milliput/GW kneadrite (?) but have not been able to find some so far these hols. So a brainwave/cop-out was devised- 54mm metal French Alpine Beret Heads! I know they may look a tad too regular but may add Gallic dash to my chaps. For better or worse they are ordered and sent for .I will let you know how I get on. I am tempted to scratch some multi barrel cannon too. I think one of the regts will have to be commanded by a Leckie in homage to that fellow in "By the Sword Divided" if i recall his name correctly...


  1. Cracking stuff. I always thing Captain Leckie from BTSD is a great character who shows a bit more humanity in the second series. He has several immortal lines
    "Cavalry? To hell with them. I want guns...big guns"
    "Parliament? All hot air and blether."
    (How sad is that quoting from memory)
    have a good day. Just having my first coffee before the gates open at 8.30 to let in the rabid gardeners of Bath.

  2. Wow... my Dad lives in Dalgety Bay so I know what i'll be hunting out next time we visit!