Thursday 5 April 2012

Updates again

Thursday morning.
I write this in a restored sitting room.The chaos has passed,the books restored and some weeded out and given to Oxfam yesterday. The room looks great- a credit to my wife's good taste in colour and hard work painting . Yesterday we were at the hospital for one of my wife's regular 3 monthly check-ups and all remains well with Jan! Excellent news indeed.
Weather was frosty overnight but the sun is shining here in the Duchy.I've posted another of those piccies from the book I still enjoy and one of me outside the shed/garage/garden room ( still can't work out what to call it consistently) taken around a week ago. The first piccie is posted as it gives a flavour of what I want to do in my small ww2 games-Went the day Well meets Merrie England meets wargaming of my youth. The second because I have been working on a table top persona for myself in my VBCW games.Let me explain. My first school was Gillsland Park Preparatory School in Edinburgh.Housed in somewhat shoddy/faded grandure type buildings- including a long narrow Nissan hut as gym hall.We wore light blue/brown striped blazers and caps. The school is long,long gone but I was reminded of it when I saw the colours I was photographed in. So I have been painting up a chap in a blue/brown blazer to command my ldv- call it self indulgent nostalgia if you like. On the subject of painting I sat down with the following 20mm stuff last night- a garden replete with Anderson shelter,Northover projector and crew,pillar boxes and sundry village characters. I will stop blogging now and get back to the job. Busy days ahead- much social/family juggling ahead but I will get a game in -I hope!
P.S thanks to all who voted in my recent poll-it was much appreciated. For the time being ( whatever that will be) I have decided to concentrate all my efforts upon this blog & Army Red/White rather than over extend to a new one.


  1. I love those 'this is how you plan your local defence' illustrations - all looks very neat! But, first contact, etc. Nonetheless, excellent basis for a game, and the LDV/HG just the type of troops to be given the bonus of prepared positions and local knowledge. As for the hut/bolt-hole/survival capsule/FifeishYurt ... it's name will come with use. I envy its wooden perfection!