Tuesday 22 July 2014

A day of inspiration... and sunne too

Yesterday a number of things occurred which inspired me re the hobby and beyond. Firstly I found some Les Higgins chaps  ( from Old John) I got some years ago.They are just asking to be finished.Splendid Old School fellows oozing charm. I have plans afoot to continue the project...
Secondly these arrived - Click on for a larger picture.
When at Blackwells (house not bookshop) I had seen this newish book on The Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland. My wife remarked to me afterwards that my eyes lit up as I read it in the Blackwells gift shop ( veritable mine of amazing volumes on the Arts and Crafts movement by the way) and I have taken little persuasion to order it. Well this tome arrived yesterday and is fantastic- beautifully produced and  filled with so much fascinating info.
Whilst uptown I picked up a copy of Current Archaeology magazine. When reading I saw an illustration of 11th century Saxon fortifications on Silbury Hill. Now there's a modelling thought in 28mm or even 40mm...
My ECW movement trays arrived from Warbases (great company to deal with) and will move my project forward.
Finally on another blog I read a comment by John Preece mentioning a 96 figure Captain General's regiment.John, if you do read this please tell us more!


  1. I was working on some more of my ECW figures just yesterday . . . and am about to go down and attempt to put more paint on them in a few minutes . . . so I hope that you will soon post an update (and hopefully photos) on your ECW project soonish.

    -- Jeff

  2. An update on your project would be great too, Jeff, not to mention photos...

  3. I had the pleasure of visiting Blackwells last year (along with Hill Top) while doing some family tree searching, and found it an amazing place. The main room practically as big as the whole footprint of our house. I just wished for more rooms to be furnished rather than used as exhibition displays. And a view to die for.