Saturday 12 July 2014

We have been to...

Been off line this week due to a splendid family holiday (more about this later) to a place which has inspired a little imagineering and flag creating-
Any guesses as to the real place which inspired this flag I created since I got home?
I had plenty of time to read and finished this book which I recommend to you-
A very interesting read about a great poet and author.
I look forward to now reading about what you have been up to on your blogs.

Those of those who commented on my flags might enjoy this old post explaining about their meaning-


  1. Yan,tan,tether,mether,pip!Azer,sezar,akker,conter,dick! A Swaledale shepherd counting his/her sheep.

  2. Well thought out,a great guess although incorrect. Fellund uses a variety of sheep counting words some which bear a greater or lesser resemblance to those used in Swaledale.