Tuesday 22 July 2014

A day out and an update for Jeff and others...

Today we all had a day out to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.Here is a picture of me sitting in front of the planting to commemorate the start of the Great war-
 we had a lovely day out and magnificent weather too.
Here is the latest pics of the ECW project-
The highlanders will use irregular shaped movement trays...
A couple of 32 figure musket/pike regiments...
Earlier this evening I made a four barreled leather gun from an old paintbrush and kebab sticks- we will see how it looks when painted.
By the way has anyone used highlanders with the Bayonet ECW rules?


  1. The Botanic Gardens look nice. I enjoy gardens (just not gardening work! ha)

    The Highlanders and musket and pike regiments look good. (I've always been a fan of Montrose)

  2. Thanks for the update, sir. Please keep these coming.

    -- Jeff

  3. The Gardens are the perfect place in this heat, you can sit and not a single job that needs doing as far as the eye can see.

    Regarding the Civil War. It all started again with your publication of Brigadier Young's organisation chart. I started to read about the armies again but this time focussing on the commanders and the command structure in the field. And it struck me that the Brig had a very modern outlook. Forgetting the regt. pay lists or what coat they might have worn he had it in one. It was a case of taking groups of 3-500 men and banging them together as a fighting block then organising those groups into tactical units usually forming around 2,000 men.

    So I am not a million miles from you. I base on 20mm magnetic squares. Three deep 18 musket 8 pike plus a flag and five extras make up the block total 32 figures. Roughly this gives a scale of 12.5 to one. So at Edgehill most Parl regts are 2 blocks but the Lord General is three blocks or 96 figs. Though they will deploy in units of maybe seven or eight blocks.

    I have completely given up trying to fudge the ground scale and at Edgehill they will need 36' to deploy. So this is going to be a garden wargame army. They are nowhere near ready this year so I expect we can look forward to a series of wet summers but anyway that is the plan.

    For Edgehill we have completed all of the cavalry and about half the infantry, I am taking the opportunity to brighten up my existing grungy regts. None of this bring your own trousers and a woolly hat nonsense. When I rebased the Lord Generals they got an issue of smart new Orange trousers. Now that's what I call proper Civil War.


  4. It's nice to see what you look like. There are some splendid figures in those pics, and the plaids are very nicely done.