Thursday 17 July 2014

By Ben Afleck, near Glen Ford...

It is good to be off work.This morning I walked uptown to Mass and then got some 1p bases on the way home.We finished building the table/bench combo we bought yesterday and used it for the first time at lunch.The great weather continues and the sunne shines on us here in Tradgardland. Of late I have spent some time mentally strolling on slopes of Ben Afleck near Glen Michael - for those of you who have forgotten the awful jokes or are  new here let me direct you to my following post- on my 17th century pun filled part of Scotland.
It has encouraged me to rebase/prepare some figures for some forthcoming battles in mid 17th century Scotland.
Here is the scene of chaos/endeavour/industry in the shed above and below.
The rules will be the Bayonet ECW ones by Neville Dickinson and I am going to use a variety of movement trays from Warbases.
Finally more puns/place names welcome for the forthcoming map- go on give it your worst shot!


  1. The Firth of Fifth? The Cairngormless Mountains? Laird MacIavelly, of that ilk? Ben Haggis (that's one of mine)? The Scone of Stone?

  2. Ben Doover? Nice figures by the way.

  3. Thank you for the link, I have been following the duchy for a while now but I'm glad I didn't miss that post.
    Superb sir, looking forward to the story and the puns to follow.

  4. Loch Tight? Loch Jaw? Loch Upyedaughters?