Friday 25 July 2014

Valhalla etc

Tradgardland was beset by haar (mist not pirates by the way) first thing. Jan and I had to go into Edinburgh to contract some business on our behalf.The haar burnt away by the time we had finished lunch in St Andrews Square Gardens.Edinburgh is a vibrant place at the best of times but with trams,pre festival preparations and sun Auld Reekie is simply wonderful.
In the evening Phil came over for a game of Vahlla.I had prepared some Welsh ( unarmoured and all with throwing spears or bows) specially.Phil brought his Saxons.Here is the situation at the start-
Table mats under cloth as hills and a simple set up- we are just getting used to the rules .The Welsh had sprinted for cover from their side of the table and awaited the Saxons...
The Welsh started off  well skirmishing to varying degrees of success...
All began to go wrong when it came to close combat.The highlight of the game was a Saxon warrior who threw double after double in combat and was surrounded with slain enemies-
The Welsh then failed a morale test and quite understandably fled off the table edge.All in all a fun game,not taxing upon the brain but producing a reasonable result.Next time we will try a scenario based game and check beforehand we are using the rules correctly.I had wanted to shoot into a melee but the rules were a little vague - I will read up for next time too.
On our return from Auld Reekie the postman had delivered this-
It looks interesting on first glance-have any of you tried it? I am swithering about using it or Hordes of the Things for a little summery Thomas Burnett Swan inspired gaming but not sure which way to go.


  1. Bold Saxon warrior!! White Dragon to the fore!

  2. The scop will busy writing up that bold warrior's exploits! "Then one strode , battle hard, lifted his weapon, his shield as defence,and against the men stepped..."