Saturday 19 July 2014

When we were away

We have been back from Ambleside ( we had excellent weather) a week now so it is time high time for a post on the holiday.We managed to enjoy the surrounding countryside by walking-
This is Stock Ghyl Force in Ambleside.
High Sweden Bridge- an old pack horse bridge.
We also visited interesting places none more so than Blackwell- a house designed inside and out by M H Baillie Scott.He is probably my favourite Arts and Crafts architect and designer.
We also found splendid places to eat like Blackwell's above and Chesters , Skelwith Bridge below-
Chesters has an outside eating area perched just above the river and is a great place to think,read,write or daydream as well as enjoy generous portions of cake and fantastic home cooked pizzas. here is a link to them-
All in all a great holiday was had by the whole family.


  1. I am really pleased to see that you had a great and relaxing holiday. You must be feeling a lot better now that you have had a chance to recharge your physical and mental batteries,

    All the best,


  2. Great pictures. Glad to see you looking totally relaxed....well done.

  3. Oh, very nice! I'm envious of your green and pleasant landscapes over there. It's good you had a nice time away!