Sunday 3 May 2015

A tad grumpy in Tradgardland- a haggis/herring war?..

Grrr , someone has taken my wife's cable so I can't down load the " On the workbench" photos  I want to upload here!
Anyway enough of that and a written update instead. The Airfix chaps are in various states of painting,undercoating and basing.I am pleased with the look of them and am enjoying painting figures I recall from my youth...
The idea has been to raise units of 12 infantry based in threes on 60mm by 30mm basing. The rules will probably be either Neil Thomas's 19th century ones, Bob's Big Board Portable Wargame 19tn century, Ross Tin Brigadier or maybe some very simple concoction of my own.
The Airfix Germans paint up well as Norwegians as this old photo shows-

I have been painting Norwegian troops and Scotland based Rifle Volunteers to oppose the Norwegian landing. I t has been fun to research the uniforms and potentiality fight some battles over terrain from my neck of the woods. I envisage regulars coming by train over the Forth Rail bridge as reinforcements or marching from Redford Barracks to battle. I have even managed to raise a few volunteer cyclists too. I am suspending disbelief and enjoying planning some games. The "One hour wargames" book has arrived and is an interesting read and I will use the scenarios as game ideas too.

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  1. Have you checked Plastic Soldier Review? Strelets has just released 1914 German artillery. I'm not sure the gun would be useful to you, but the crew might be: they include a team of guys pushing a giant rammer into the gun! This is preposterous for 1914, but it could work for older guns in the mid-19th Cent. In any case, how often is that subject even covered?!

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    Chris Johnson