Sunday 31 May 2015

Keep the home fires burning- a Mostly Morschauser Shock Rules game

The  man-orcs have been busy chopping down trees and collecting them for the iron smelting furnaces.After a tiring day all they have to do is to get  home along the forest trail-
However some forest dwellers may have other ideas...
The enraged Ents and huorns have other ideas! This is the set up.The man-orc force has to get the timber safely off the other side of the table.The Ent force has to stop them! Here is the table layout-
Rule amendments-  orc axes  plus + 1 to hit, fire arrows ( kindled on a six) + 1 to hit.
I hope to play out the game later today...


  1. I love those old Miniature Figurines , Tony

  2. I love the trees being dragged home. Reminds me of Christmas. Great to see the old Minifigd. I believe I see 2 orc/goblin spear and bow guys from the tribe that filled my old goblin regiment.

  3. An interesting scenario. This sounds like it will be fun.

  4. I'm also glad to see the Minifigs! I've got a mixed batch of seven dwarves (a traditional number, I suppose) on my painting table today...

  5. Nice layout of classic figures...look forward to seeing the game results.

  6. Those look like rather fearsome odds stacked up against the poor Man-Orcs!