Thursday 14 May 2015

Long trousered hoplite (?) chaps ?

I wonder if anyone could identify these-
They have long trousers. Can anyone tell me what they ancient soldier ( clumsily worded but you know what I mean) they represent and who made them? Thanks!


  1. They are bound to be either Minifigs, Garrison or Hinchcliffe.

    I'll have a scrounge around the hut to see if I can be more specific.

  2. Thanks Jim. I am just intrigued to know who they are. I thought I knew a bit about ancients but the trousers have me stumped!

  3. My books indicate that the only hoplite style soldier wearing trousers would be a Seleucid phalangite. The helmets are typically Greek but the trousers suggest a 'barbarian' influence.

    The figure looks like a one piece casting, many minifigs of this type were cast with separate shields so maybe Garrison is a better bet.

    Any chance of either a side view picture or an underneath view of the cast base or even a part number?

    1. That would be my suggestion as well - I understand Alexanders troops adopted this Persian fashion after Gaugemala

  4. Send an email to this address '', ask for Rob and see if he can help.

  5. I spied an earlier picture of yours with a side view of these figures.

    The bases look more 'minifigs' in appearance i.e. not thick enough to allow for a 'Garrison' style manufacturers base.

    Other figures in these pictures are quite clearly Minifigs.

  6. Come to think of it now is that Hinchcliffe figures came with wire spears.

  7. Maybe they are Hoplites but they got cold legs? Just sayin'

  8. I think hoplites with cold legs is the best explanation, though as Steve said, I think it's more to do with the Persian influence. The old classic WRG Armies and Enemies books show eastern pike wearing trousers.