Tuesday, 12 May 2015


The chap in the middle of the photo is me,to the left my regular opponent of nearly 30 years standing and to the right a member of http://westerhopewargames.blogspot.co.uk/ whose club took the photo.They were really friendly chaps who put on a great medieval game (54mm and cost only £60) which can be viewed at the above link.We really enjoyed talking to them .
It was good also to to talk to-
Tom, Bill about his and Colin's superb WW1 in East Africa game,Richard,Steve Rimmer and his excellent WOTR game not to mention generous handout and Chorley cake etc,Hugh from my Edinburgh University Wargames Club days in the 1980s,Jim D and some chaps from Slingshot/Society of Ancients. Add some interesting games,other chats and traders and a most enjoyable pie and you can see what a great show it was!

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  1. What a fun day....that medieval game is the best thing I've seen for a long time.