Sunday, 24 May 2015

That was the weekend that was

Weekend has flown by and we are poised on the edge of another week. I have not had time to game as I had wished due to visitors etc. We did spend quite a bit of time in the garden and are pleased with how it is looking. Here is a flavour of it-
Last night we all  settled down to watch the following film on dvd-
I have long enjoyed the films of Woody Allen and this proved to be great fun. Well worth a watch.
Jan's Chemo No2 did not take place last Monday due to blood counts. We are reasonably hopeful it will  take place tomorrow. Hobby wise this week I intend to try in spare moments to think how to define my Mythical Earth chaps in terms of Ros's rules and what amendments I might make. Hopefully I will game this next weekend. I also want to do a little reading about late 17th century gardens with a view to a little modelling...


  1. Garden looking good. Best of luck tomorrow, have a good day today.

  2. You seem to have had better weather than we have - rather grey with the threat of rain - got my back hedge hacked back to a manageable height - a bit of figure painting today hopefully , good luck tomorrow , Tony

  3. Looks like a very comfortable venue for a cuppa in the sun. May fortune smile on you today.

  4. Best wishes to Jan for successful treatment. Our garden is coming together, although we could use some steady rain.

    Magic in the Moonlight looks interesting. I like Colin Firth and Emma Stone.