Sunday, 10 May 2015

I am a most fortunate chap...

Martin Rapier wrote this recently on his blog-

A sad feature of getting older is the increased prevalence of your contemporaries dying, and in the case of wargaming, this also means their collections being passed on by the bereaved families. In some ways it is quite comforting to think your 'stuff' living on and continuing to be used by people who appreciate it.

In this vein I recently acquired some figures from the estate of the late Robert Plumb,

I have been very lucky to have acquired  some figures from him too this week-

Old school and painted - couldn't ask for more!
Any thoughts on manufacturers greatfully recieved.

I am indeed a lucky fellow ! See these next when I have sorted them out into armies,finished bases and added spears on my Pavilioned in Splendour Blog in action- soon I hope!


  1. Yes I like to think of figures carrying on rather than being dumped. Well done. Lots of Minifigs and Garrison there with Hichliffe Immortals.

    1. Yep - definitely those Romans in the second picture... cavalry not so though; not squared bases, and the horses don't have huge rumps... :o) PS. If they are Minifgs they'll have the product code on top of the base....

  2. To pick up on Ross's comment, I like to think that we are proving that all of these figures are Immortals in their way!