Friday 20 March 2020

“I believe that it’s called al fresco”

After an early frost the sun warmed the garden and my youngest daughter and I took the chance to tidy the patio and give it a spruce up. Later in the house I found a notebook with my musings from seven years ago. The plan was ( and still is) to use the patio for gaming ...


  1. Tempting! Very tempting.... I wonder if my wife would get suspicious if I started buying 1ft patio blocks....

  2. Have tried it the past - but now we have a dog who would interfere !

  3. Gridded paving slabs. Outdoor garden games. That way madness lies ...

    until you start looking at ground grid Plastic parking drainage stuff
    and start noticing the hexes which might just ... no, best stop there!
    By the way - Is Al Fresco the country or the main character?

    1. Best ask Lilly Allen. Stop indeed there. I am thinking of knocking up some Acw etc boats from scrap and using it as a sea too.

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  5. Portable wargame becomes patio wargame? :D

  6. That's a great idea! What figures do you have in mind? Cheers, Karl

  7. Here are some images from my naval games run on my patio: