Saturday 28 March 2020

Surfaces etc

It began with one or two figures beside the loose change etc on the top of the chest of drawers and is now this-
Not very good photo but you get the idea, really ought to find a box. Below is the top of the desk I use for painting. It is in the extension off the kitchen and great for natural light and warms up well when the sun shines. Handy too for kettle and biscuit tin.

My painting glasses always sit there ready to be used and the wireless for company although of late I have enjoyed painting silently and thinking my own thoughts or listening to podcasts on the iPad. The figures on there currently are my ww2 Homeguard and accompanying Boy Scouts and some German opposition. Various figures get added to the array as I find, sort or paint them. The German opposition are Britains (?) toy soldiers with an Airfix lmg team on a base. I have other Airfix Germans but the look too big and/or animated alongside the old toy soldier Homeguard. I looked briefly online for some paratroopers to provide opposition but nothing jumped out at me. Perhaps I will need to bite the bullet and paint the Airfix fellows. Thinking of getting one tank 1/48 or 1/32  that’s the question and then perhaps scratchbuilding a Homeguard Northover projector or something like that, we shall see.
P.s I am posting this at 07.02 on Saturday but it comes up as Friday, do I need to change my blogger clock and if so how?


  1. To change the time, go to Settings, Language and Formatting, and set the Time Zone (mine's to GMT Dublin)

  2. Nice Collection of Classic Toy Soldiers Alan.

  3. Flat surfaces around the house are a big hazard for me! In the sense that ehy are in danger of getting cluttered up with projects, games, books, etc., if I'm not vigilant enough with myself. ha ha

  4. I suffer the same hazard as do many others I fear.