Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Maple Leaf Country Battle, turn one and a quick question

 The initiative lay with the government forces who advanced towards White Cloud’s camp. The scouts met strong resistance from the enemy on the hill and were forced back after some hand to hand fighting. The Rifles engaged the enemy from the hilltop they had occupied but were driven back by heavy fire. Another rifle unit is locked into a melee beside the aforementioned hill. White Cloud’s men are advancing and holding the high ground and woods in spite of fierce opposition. White Cloud himself  intends to leave the camp and command in person.

Finally the question.
How do you work the labels thingy at the bottom of the blog posts? I would find it helpful to link posts. I can’t seem to get it to work.
P.s spent a lot of yesterday afternoon painting figures as the house needed quiet whist my eldest daughter had a three hour tutorial/lecture on Skype (or something similar) amazing what happens in the ether these days!


  1. When you are editing a post there's a section called Post Settings on the right - press Labels and a white box should appear. Type in the box eg 54mm, Maple Leaf

    1. What he said.
      In addition, once you have one or more labels created, they will show up in a list below the text entry box and you can click on one to avoid creating a new label by making a typo.

      ps Game looks good!

    2. Thanks gentlemen, I think I have got it sorted now.

    3. No problem; forgot to say, splendid game and more please to keep us entertained!

  2. Tradgardmastare,

    A great looking games and an interesting scenario.

    All the best,