Sunday 13 September 2020

Basing Flats: some examples

I decided to run with single basing ( more options given by this ) and have been trying out various basing looks. All my examples have been based on card, painted with textured paint and then dry brushed. After that I have added bits and bobs-
They have gravel, tufts and flowers in various combinations except for one of them that merely has green paint on it. I would be interested in your thoughts on these.


  1. Better with the tufts of grass I think.

  2. The grass tufts are nice. Reminds me of being at the edge of a beach with lots of rocks and pebbles with patches of grass.

  3. 5 looks good as general basing but 3 and 4 the bases match the agricultural figures. Single bases look fine.
    I am watching this with interest as I have a small number of random 19th Century and early 20th century period flats for future fun.

    1. I think single basing is indeed the way to proceed...
      I look forward to seeing your future fun flats ( I’ve made it sound like Flash Gordon or similar) in due course.

  4. They all look good though I'd probably favour the grass tufts