Saturday 12 September 2020

Pendon Virtual tour

I have never been to the Pendon museum in person, something I hope to remedy one day. I found this link to a virtual tour-
Well worth a look. The models are amazing. Just the thing for  a dreich Saturday morning...


  1. Had a quick look and I didn’t realise that picture at the top was a diorama!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, amazing isn’t it!

  2. Something very wonderful craft - OO Scale at it's best is Pendon.

  3. Modelling to aspire to ... and with GWR trains running as well :)

  4. Pure Yestershires! Astonishing how many hundreds and thousands of hours each group of buildings took to research and hand build. Thanks for the link - I have a freebie magazine DVD of Pendon somewhere.
    Pendon is like a miniature Weald and Downland Museum, picking out typical vernacular buildings that were at risk of being being modernised or demolished and instead surveying rebuilding and preserving them

  5. The man hours are indeed incredible. Weald and Downland museum is on my list of places to go, one day.