Wednesday 9 September 2020

Painting : one to one scale

Much of today was spent painting the bathroom. I enjoyed listening to 1920s German swing, From Genesis to Revelation by Genesis and Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat as I worked. Some reading material arrived-
 I did get some time to move the flats forward a little-
Still thinking about multi basing as opposed to single but no fixed plans yet. They are fragile and multi basing might protect them more. Thinking of doing civilians and vignettes as singles but warriors as groups on multi bases.


  1. "Churchill? Churchill was a rotten painter.. Now Adolf Hitler, he was a great painter. Could do an entire apartment, two coats, one afternoon!" (Peter Sellers, on the Parkinson show,about 1974 I think)

  2. I feel your pain. I spent parts of two days this week painting one of the bedrooms.

    1. Music does help a great deal. My problem is I am messy and spend ages mopping up spills as I go along.