Monday 7 September 2020

Flats: taking a tentative step forward

Worked on the flats today. Acrylic paint then a wash. Basing is card and textured paint.
 Quite pleased so far. They need more details added and still working out the basing but I am pleased with them so far. Won’t win prizes but certainly worth a go. I enjoyed the experience and will continue it over the coming days.


  1. Absolutely lovely. Even a little paint has really brought them to life. Well done!

  2. I got a sample packet of flats years ago out of curiosity. Callow youth, I disregarded them in favor of the 28mm that the herd favored. Now I have regrets.

  3. Lovely figures and very nicely painted !

  4. These are working even with a very simple paint and basing approach. Each looks like it could speak and has real character like an Asterix figure.

    1. Thanks. They have life in a way many round figures don’t. I still can’t work out why.

  5. Many years ago my lovely wife bought me a bucket-load of Roman army flats from a German museum. Sadly I never did anything with them and later sold them on. Your splendid figures are a reminder of my youthful folly!

  6. My dear fellow:
    I must strenuously take issue with your assertion in your last blog post that you are a "mediocre painter". There is nothing mediocre about these figures, they are lovely. You've brought them to life. THere is something quite timeless about them. Lovely.