Saturday, 13 March 2021

New recruits

 Some new recruits who arrived yesterday along with others. Some figures new to me but all filled with gaming potential...


  1. Photo 4 John Hill Pirate - "this range dates from 1954 and is quite scarce" (Joplin book of Hollow Cast) - one for the display cabinet maybe?

    I will ID the others for you, some common but attractive Johilco John Hill pre War flight crew figures two and three in photo I, probably designed as RFC men says Rose. Perfect tank crew?

    1. I will leave the pirate alone! I thought the others might enjoy a chat with the Volare Cantare air attaché! Excellent tank crew too, the figures are so full of character.

    2. They are lovely figures and will enjoy a chance to fight again.
      First photo figure 1 looks like a conversion head, vaguely Britains head? Enjoy!

  2. Photo 2 Pre WW2 Johilco stick grenade thrower / Bomber, usually missing fragile stick grenade - common

    Photo 3 mid figure at ease Crescent? 1932-39 issue.

    Photo 4 Johilco kneeling with binoculars post WW2, Crescent postwar officer with baton. Common.

    That's the "low hanging fruit" done and shows that many are perfect jazz age interbellum figures.

  3. Photo 2 Crawling stick grenade and Photo 3, figures 1, 2 and 5 officer Taylor and Barrett T and B 1930s
    Photo 3 Figure with arm out Unidentified (Joplin) - I have one of these.

  4. Thanks for you help Mark. I look forward to getting these table ready...