Monday, 15 March 2021

“They were meant to be played with and enjoyed.”

The title of this post is a quote from Brad in a comment on the previous post. The figures were indeed meant to be used and appreciated. I agree with this and I so enjoy giving old toy soldiers another chance to be played with and not just to sit on the shelf. They are not rarities but cheap home made toys and it is terrific that they have survived, lost in antics or wherever until now.

The plan today was to work on some bigger semi flats for outdoor gaming and some small ones to be used with the Portable Wargame and the interwar figures of a few posts ago. So here are the figures-



  1. Bravo! Especially with large semi flats and home casts generally, no one cares much about them (same as cowboys and Indians in hollowcasts) so they should have their day in the sun again.
    That saying, the odd special character figure or beautiful paintwork deserves a bit of TLC and a special place in the display cabinet to come out on special occasions.

    1. Very true indeed!
      P.s the pirate is on the bookcase in the sitting room as a talking point.
      I too have a soft spot for hollowcast cowboys and Indians, much underrated.

    2. I'm sure he will turn up in a scenario one day as a character figure, just as he is.

  2. Yes Toy Soldiers were meant to be played with (unless exceptionally rare pieces)

  3. Tradgardmastare,

    What a superb acquisition ... and I’m sure that you will have many hours of fun repairing, painting, and using them.

    All the best,