Saturday 13 March 2021

State of the imagination address or where we’re at

 Thought I would see where various projects were this week-

Napoleonic Norwegians and Swedes in  28mm - imagination, back burner until volume three of Danish Napoleonic uniform book comes out in 8 months, but might start Swedes ( Duchy of Helmand) 

Winter War 20mm stalled, figures not painting up well, need to try different techniques 

Army Red/White and Army Red etc 54mm figures based on acrylic bases for outdoor gaming. Semi flat recruits arrived and needing painting, want to be ready for summer ...

1880s Star Spangled Banner v Maple Leaf Country- most units finished, need to complete some conversions but enough to game with currently

Avalon Bleeding ( ECW but not as we know it Jim) gathering forces. Need to settle on rules and “look”:for  figures.

Funny Little Wars Army Blue/  all information posted at my companion blog. 3 or 4 infantry units bought and being worked on, looking for cavalry ideas. Researching uniform detail currently. Awaiting Landstormen heads for conversions. Possibly do something a little later in plastic?

Interwar 40mm semi flats. Awaiting final lot of infantry, needing to look at tank, motorised elements, AirPower. 

Vintage Toy soldiers - interwar and early WW2/ Homeguard using old toy soldiers needing TLC and repair. Most figures assembled here. Looking at rules ideas and options for tanks and transport, probably in slightly smaller scale.

Gosh , more going on than I had imagined. Portable Napoleonic, Seven Years War ( including Ottomans) and  North West Frontier ready to game essentially. 

It has been useful and interesting to see where things are. I am keen to try and spend less on figures for the foreseeable future ( we’ll see how long my resolve holds) and restrict hobby purchasing to paint, glue, bases and essentials. Attempting to not buy more books too but it is hard as you all know. 


  1. I think the problem I find with buying 54mm figures second hand off Ebay is I say - "I don't need anymore" - then I spot a bargain and I'm off again !

    1. Passing up a bargain is a difficult task!

    2. It is hard, so many treasures appear and it is here we go again...

  2. Alan, you are far more organized at all of this than I am. I really need to take a page from you and Ross up in Canada on this, really I do.


    1. I am not really that organised honestly but I just wanted to see where I was and where I am going. It is quite useful as a baseline to look back on. The storage system aka lead mountain in the shed bears witness to the disorganised nature of things. I don’t label boxes etc so it can be very frustrating trying to locate things...