Friday 25 June 2021

Further Flat Fridays

 I have quite a lot of these delicate semi flats. I am wondering what to use them for. Ideas include 1918 against German semi flats, interwar manoeuvres or even a flat vbcw. They are smaller in feel to many of the Schneider homecasts I have and I need to see them together before I can make any decisions. 


  1. Alan, the headless is tricky but might just pass as Greek Army WW1, or Czechoslovak legion in Italy WW1. Both wear somewhat flat/nondescript hats and puttees. I think their uniform colour shades are similar too so you only need to paint the accoutrements. I would probably paint strip the dark painted officers and reuse them as the collection requires, their green bases indicate they were separate anyhow (standard bearers?). I would aim for units of eight or twelve figures. Interesting post!

  2. Hooray! Flat Friday is back ...

    I can see VBCW with these figures.