Tuesday 29 June 2021

Frederick Remington in Mexico etc

 Read a little about the famous artist Frederick Remington in Mexico and painting the Mexican Army. His paintings are full of inspiration for my potential Mexican project. Also saw a few photos of the period.

A lot of potential in Acw figures with new heads as conversions with some rural sombrero figures too. 


  1. Going purely by hats (and that’s usually my main criterion for any ‘proxy’ figures) they look like Austrians of the 1860s. Obviously, nit the sombreros or the lancer hats. For the latter maybe Napoleonic Spanish lanceros?

    Mind you, my mindset is framed by small scale figures where things other than hats are mere details.

  2. Perry brothers War of Triple Alliance might have some stuff that would suit, with a minimal bit of work.

    1. They would be great but I’m doing this in 54mm. The Perry range is so tempting...

    2. Too tempting for me as I have ordered some Paraguayans!! 54mm has interested me but never let temptation go there!