Saturday 27 November 2021

Small is beautiful

 Inspired by this post-

I decided to set up a wee game to play in the coming days. Back of a postage stamp rules carried in my head and some dice, looking forward to it. Norwegians v Swedes in the snow using mainly figures painted by Jim Duncan. 

Finally something that should not work but unbelievably does-


  1. Ooh ! , like the look of the snowy game and the choccy biscuits !

  2. Those ski troops look fierce! I am absolutely and deeply honored that you’d say my game inspired this one, thanks Tradgardmastare!

  3. Great ski troops and lovely snow.

    Is this a new venture, theming snacks with the period / game on the table?

    I know playing the music of the time or its closest fillm soundtrack is widely done whilst gaming or in my case painting. But the food ... hmm, interesting. How would that one thing change our choice of gaming period?
    Ration packs anyone?