Sunday 3 March 2024

Voysey as hobby inspiration

 I am a big fan of the Arts and Crafts Movement. One designer I particularly like is C. F.A Voysey. See here for more info-

During the week l came across this picture online-

I was very taken with it and thought it great inspiration for terrain making. Further images here

The price is staggering but the image is beautiful. One could look and look at it for hours. Voysey has succeeded in creating a fascinating world. We wargamers are a funny crowd we find inspiration in many place be it junk, the supermarket aisle or even wallpaper.

Have a good Sunday, Spring is coming!


  1. Interesting wall paper - I wonder if it repeats and joins sideways like Railway scene backdrops or those optical illusion games ‘endless panorama’ cards. Interesting terrain scenario.
    I thought I recognised the Voysey name and checking Wikipedia, he designed Spade House Sandgate Kent, home of H G Wells when he was working on Floor Games and Little Wars.
    So you have another War Games connection to your wallpaper ...

    1. Voysey’s design of Spade House would fit well into your wallpaper?

  2. Now that is wallpaper I would have! Splendid inspiration.
    Interesting snippet from Mark about Spade House. I used to live in Sandgate and when walking along the cliffs I would sometimes try to peer through the hedge. I knew it was Wells’ old house but I didn’t know at the time that it was where he played wargames in the floor.