Sunday 24 March 2024

Out and About

 We had planned to go to South Queensferry yesterday but there were train and track problems resulting in cancellations. So we nipped on a bus and went to North Queensferry instead. A chilly, windy day.

The Albert Hotel, where l was taken for lunch occasionally, is sad and boarded up.

Some interesting information boards.
Daughter number two contemplating the sea and in the picture for scale.
Smallest Stevenson light house.

Above is the lighthouse interior and below is a small but fascinating museum beside it.

This cafe  ( Rankin’s Cafe) was new to us and provided lovely coffee, cheese//bacon bagel and sausage on a roll.Just the thing on a cold day. Would definitely recommend.
Having been suitably fortified by our cafe visit we walked a short part of the costal path to Inverkeithing. An enjoyable wee trip.


  1. Thanks for taking us on your walking trip through photos, it’s
    good that the pictures are such good quality that you can read the fine print text.
    Added bonus of a wargames / Toy Soldier link through the Robert Louis ‘Lighthouse’ Stevenson family ...
    Some charming ferry models (with vintage cars).
    Garnished with a possible “Fisticuffs” gaming scenario from the Well Well Well sign about the Lions Head Cistern of pitched battle between visiting sailors and local village women over stealing their scarce fresh water resources :) I wonder who makes such figures?

  2. Nice part of the world, both North and South Queensferry are lovely places. A day very well spent by the look of it, always a nice bonus!

  3. A lovely day out. Fascinating little light tower.