Thursday, 2 December 2010

Anyone for 20th Century Tradgardland?

A while ago I posted here about doing something about Tradgardland in 1918-1920 or so. See the original post link here:

The idea has been in my mind again of late and I thought it might be fun to think of factions - Left/Right/Ducal Loyalists and not to mention the Freikorp...
I wondered I could use some of my VBCW stuff to morph into the project too. AS ever comments and Faction suggestions most welcome!


  1. You will definitely need your main Ducal forces as well as more "conservative" freikorps units to support them (or fight them). You could have Bolshie "workers and peasants unite" units. You might even divide your ducal forces into a more conservative branch and a more progressive branch. Sounds like it should be a fun diversion.


  2. FWIW I have 2 alternative settings for New Byzantium - one is the 18th Century, the others is a "Between The Wars" country that gets independence after WW1.

    Basically my WW1 Greek army plus some specials and odd 'tween teh war' kit in a Balkan back of Beyond.

    (I suppose a backstory could be how it was put under the Turkish Yoke again after Napoleon smacked Russia & Austria)