Friday 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve...

It is now Christmas Eve in the Duchy of Tradgardland...

The sun is not up yet and I have begun my day as ever - strong coffee and a foray into the world of EvE to catch up on all your inspiring efforts.
Jan feels she is up to the "Present Run" so we will be driving to see various households however briefly. Afterwards we will return to the Duchy and undertaken final preparations for tomorrow and some R & R.

All that remains is to wish you a Merry Christmas from us all here- the Household of today and that of Duke Karl Frederick in our glorious world of imaginations and related hobby entertainment. Wherever you are may you and yours celebrate this glorious feast day together making a day to remember and treasure!
The magnificent Christmas illustration (done on "Paint" ) by my middle daughter shows her mastery of the package - I must really get her doing some Standards in the new Year...
The painting shows a typical EvE court at Christmas and the writing slope reminds me to do some writing this Christmas hols...


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you

    -- Allan

  2. And a Merry Christmas to you and yours and a fervent wish for a happier New Year, especially for your wife.


  3. Have a great Christmas (goodness knows you all deserve one) and a better (and healthier) 2011.



  4. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours, Alan.