Saturday 18 December 2010


Yesterday Jan had her second last chemo. All went well and the suspected vile weather conditions did not materialise. I took the latest copy of “Battlegames “ magazine in to read and pass the time as it had arrived the night before . As ever it proved most enjoyable. I was most taken with Mr Siggins’s article about his interests being cyclical with regard to wargaming . I am sure we can all identify with this as we have our favourite periods we always return to as well as passing fancies and diverse enthusiasms…
I was also planning there ( via my precious and indispensible Dodo pad ) what projects to work upon and time was available to think and decicde what to do:
1. My ongoing imagination work and one page 18th century rules- Tradgardland and the Disputed Valley
2. The GNW army of Gottrop- Holstien to use at the local club with ULB rules
3. 15th Century projects fuelled by my love of the period and the clothes/livery and armour of the 1470’s and 80’s. One is to raise a WOTR Yorkist force to oppose my regular opponent and long term friend Phil’s Lancastrians. The other is one I have planned ,researched ,dreamt of for some years – a German army of around 1474 to oppose the Burgundians (again Phil’s!) who besieged Neuss and incurred the wrath of the Emperor himself…

I also decided to have a figure buying freeze and try to tackle the Lead Mountain! Lasted one day I’m afraid as I succumbed to the Perry Plastic Mercenaries earlier today!!!!!
I hope you are moving well through Advent towards Christmas – keep warm ,travel safely and keep inspiring me with your excellent blogs and artistry! More about the other projects etc next time .


  1. best regards for the holidays...just getting back into reading all the great blogs and yours is one of the best...!

  2. Best wishes to Jan and hoping you all have a Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

    Yeah, my lead buying freeze didn't last too long either...

  3. I know what it's like to immerse yourself in wargames thoughts and a notebook during those tough chemo sessions. A source of some comfort...
    Have a great Christmas Alan, Jan, and the girls.