Monday, 6 December 2010

Home again and "A change is as good as a rest..."

Went to work round the Fife circle via the long way round and was subsequently sent home by mid morning...

I won't bore you with more winter stories as I am sure that you are fed up with your own probs of work and home inconveniences...

At the weekend I had a change from 18th century painting and switched to some 1930's Welsh nationalist troops and opponents for a VBCW scenario. I have so many rule sets for the period I must really decide to stick to one- the last ones being purchased from the toofatlardies a few days ago.

Finally the weather has given me an excuse to post this glorious 18th century sleigh. Any skillful modellers out there ( yes I mean you- don't be modest) I challenge you to make one for your army commander this winter!