Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year etc...

New Years Eve:
All the Ducal Court has gathered to see the the latest sensation at the Tradgardstadt Opera House...
Tonight the celebrated castrato singer Senor Belliconi will sing the lead role in the newly composed opera "The vile Stagonian Beggar" a rip-roaring satire and buffoon filled comedy based upon the Duke of Stagonia and his vile mistress the Duchess of Sachsen-Vindow.
The Court will then leave to attend a masqued ball (the theme of which will be the story of Dido and Aneas) to while away the last remaining hours of 1760 in a glittering setting within the Ducal Palace.
The Duke of Tradgardland, his Household and the whole Duchy of Tradgardland wish a Happy New Year when it comes for 1761 and 2011 to one and all!
Gentle reader your attention is craved with regard to the current poll here in the Duchy. Your opinions are sought regarding the forthcoming fabrication and decoration of a miniature army depicting an army of the fifteenth century by that fellow worthy of some esteem namely Mr Gruber of the aforementioned Duchy. Pray vote and register your comment too