Monday 20 December 2010

The Disputed Valley - the Syldavian factor...

One hundred years ago a Syldavian mercenary unit settled down for their winter quarters in the Disputed Valley. They stayed, married local girls and brought their culture and traditions with them.
Over the subsequent hundred years this small corner of the Valley took on exotic flavour with it becoming almost a "little Syldavia" . It has raised a couple of militia units which remain ever vigilant for the presence of foreigners upon it's soil. The enclosed map shows the area of influence...
Now Duke Karl Frederick of Tradgardland has to secure their help in opposing the incursions of the Imperium within the valley. An ambassador has been sent to seek the council of the Syldavian Leaders. It is uncertain how the will respond...
The above will be represented upon the tabletop with a militia company currently upon the painting table- watch this space.


  1. This can only lead to trouble...

  2. This looks very intriguing. I'm sure that delivering a wagon load of Beerstein Best Ale will help the negotiations along!


  3. What strange tides the Fates cause in the affairs of Man for Syldavians to be in Tradgardland! Looking forward to hearing more.