Monday, 23 May 2011

The battle of Wargstadt bridge a solo game battle report...

Today the Duchy is being lashed by gales and rain.My beautiful Beech hedging newly come into leaf and having put on new growth is being absolutely pounded! I was out briefly a.m and dodged the showers long enough to plant out peas,beans and courgettes having built bamboo cane towers for them to grow up.The weather has deteroriated since then.
Before lunch I sorted out some figures for the forthcoming club Dark Age campaign. After lunch I decided to set up an 18th Century game on a 3 by 2 kitchen tile arrangement as you can see. The forces of the Imperium are holding a river crossing and important orchard. The forces of the disputed Valley are attempting to retake the bridge and orchard. The game was played using Joe Saur's Old Wormley Creek Wargames Society 18th Century Charge Variant rules designed for smallish tables. Le t battle commence-

The set up for the game with the forces of the Disputed Valley (under the command of Brigadier and Burgomiester Bertolini) are advancing upon the Imperium troops ensconced around the bridge and orchard...

Turn one and the Disputed Valley troops came under fire from Grenzers who fired successfully from their positions- three sixes thrown!

Turn two saw a general advance from both armies and the Disputed Valley forces at the bridge deployed into line. Yet another unsuccessful firing from the artillery piece- far more training required in the Disputed Valley I fear!

Turn three see withering fire from the Imperium at the front of the picture and at the back too. Disputed Valley musketry is poor- terrible dice throwing by me again!

Turn four seeing the decimation of the Disputed Valley troops especially the Slydavians and an end to the game is in sight...

An attempt by the gallant Syldavians to rescue their colours was a partial success...

The final turn saw an attempt of the disputed valley forces to leave the field in some order. The grenadiers held off the cavalry whilst others marched off and attempted to take the cannon ( which had missed everytime it fired during the game) with them too. Note the Colours at the top of the picture being rescued from the field also.

It was a fun solo game ( the first I have played in absolute ages) which was set up in the landing at the top of the stairs. Today is a Monday holiday for me but Jan is in work,Freya at school, Anna at home revising having had a Physics exam this morning and Zoe studying hard for her next exam tomorrow! I must set up another game very soon...


  1. Your battle report shows that not only can you fight an exciting and interesting battle in a small area, it also shows that solo battles can be just as much fun as those with an opponent.

    I look forward to reading further battle reports in due course.

    All the best,


    PS. The tiles look great!

  2. A brilliant little engagement...

  3. Excellant lttle game !,as bob says you don't need lots of troops for a good game.

  4. A good little game, Mission Accomplished!

    The Disputed Valley side will no doubt nurse their wounds and grievance and practice their musketry. The second battle will surely be a better test for the Imperial side.


  5. A capital engagement - the figures look particularly well I must say.

  6. A crisp, enjoyable small action and colourful report - thanks for sharing.

  7. Keep at this sort of reporting.

    Tie the engagements into your deep storyline from Tragardland and you will enrich that storyline ever more!

  8. A nice little scrap, to be sure. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Congratulations on the splendid game - a pity that the Syldavians saved their colour however...

  10. Looks like it was a lot of fun, sir.

    -- Jeff

  11. A most enjoyable report! As a solo gamer with limited space and time for gaming I like to see reports like this that show how much fun can be had with a small number of troops in a small space.
    Also, it's just nice seeing the troops getting out and having a "go".

  12. Things like this continue to show that small games can be as much fun, as enjoyable and, indeed, vital to a campaign as the largest battles. Fewer than 50 figures a side; a decisive result, and probably one that could go either way.

    I do find these small actions chancy, don't you? Adds to the drama in an overall campaign narrative, methinks...


  13. Thanks for your encouraging words gentlemen. I am glad you enjoyed the game.I did too and must repeat the excercise sooner rather than later!
    best wishes