Saturday, 7 May 2011

Spring has Sprung in Umstrittental...

Spring has come to the Disputed Valley (an independent region betwixt the Duchy of Tradgardland and the Imperium) and the new campaigning season will soon be underway. The tented camps have survived a fierce winter and the troops are ready for action. Uniforms are darned, muskets checked and all await orders...
The Syldavian ambassador ( perhaps dear reader someone from Syldavia might post a comment here telling us more of him and his uniform so he could be depicted here by me on the tabletop-hint,hint...) is currently being escorted across the arduous terrain from Tradgardstadt. He is charged with a mission of some delicacy. Meanwhile the Imperium is sending orders from Wein for courier to brief her general on his next moves diplomatic and martial. Finally across the valley in Uhwerkhausen the Burgomeister's watchmaker is checking the mechanism of the clockwork peacocks recently brought out from their winter storage. He looks up disturbed by the sound of the Militia mustering upon the heath and firing its cannon ...
Finally if you have a spare moment could you vote in my poll at regarding uniform colour schemes-thanks in anticipation!


  1. Stépan II, King of Syldavia, is pleased to announce the appointment of the following noble and meritous Gentleman to the office of Ambassador, to the rank of Colonel in his Majesty's army and his investment as Knights of the Order of St. Vladimir:

    Count Ignatio Hartthröb, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Duke of Tradgardland,

    Count Ignaz (he prefers the latinised “Ignatio”) Hartthröb is a young nobleman, inheritor of an estate at Vokna, in the rich farm country of the lower Wladir river valley in the region of Hum. He has a military background, although not a terribly remarkable a one in terms of command roles or exploits. He spent the necessary time as a cadet and ensign and then rose rather quickly to a medium-grade cavalry officer and thence to the post of ADC to a general. As ADC, Ignatio’s remarkable communication skills and social graces earned him the attention of army superiors who named him a junior military attaché to the Syldavian ambassador to the court of the Imperium. During his posting, he toured Imperial fortifications and training exercises and accompanied the army on campaign and advised the Ambassador at court in Wien. He also travelled beyond the Imperium, establishing contacts with the armies of several allied states and statelets. His relatively junior rank (previously a major, made Colonel when named Ambassador) and his capacity to talk his way past almost anyone has been an advantage to his information gathering as he travelled without attracting an inordinate degree of official attention and without an encumbering entourage.

    Ignacio is quite a polished and cultivated man possessing a well-schooled and quick intelligence, a musician (the fiddle, Syldavia’s famous speciality), admirer of arts and literature, fluent in German and Italian and capable in a few of other languages. In addition to his obvious social skills, he is famous for his striking good looks that earn him the attention of ladies most everywhere he goes, attention that he is most often pleased to return. This talent has landed him in trouble at court with numerous would-be suitors and husbands eager to avenge offenses real or imagined. An adequate swordsman, he has survived one duel already. He is tall enough to stand out in a crowd, lean and fit, and a good rider and dancer, as befitting an officer of the cavalry.

    He is a pleasant and optimistic young man who earnestly desires a useful career in the service of Syldavia. Because of his loyalty, his excellent social skills and observant eye, King Stépan sees a good deal of potential in Count Igancio as an envoy. He concluded that an independent posting to a friendly, cultivated and engaging place like Tradgardland would be a suitable way to train Ignacio for a larger future role in government. It might also keep the young man out of a duel with some nobleman more skilled than he with a blade or a pistol. One hopes that Tradgardland is in fact as idyllic as King Stépan imagines and that the Count learns to keep his eyes out of trouble.

  2. Alan,

    Regarding San Marino uniforms, a few are on view here:


  3. Oh oh - you asked for uniforms. Syldavia has no diplomatic uniform. Officers Colonel and above wear an Austrian-style uniform, off-white coat with facings and small clothes in regiments colours. His commission is in the Wladir Dragoons whose facings etc. are red. For the record, Syldavian dragoons have a green coat and fawn breeches. Sash is deep crimson. The hat is a tricorn with a cockade or plume in turquoise.