Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Electoral College convenes

"Rumours are currently sweeping the Disputed Valley that the aged Duke Benedict ( long exiled in the East and confined in a tower by his own choice) has finally died. If this correct the small but often over looked Electoral College will be convened in Wargstadt. Upon verification the rusty cogs of the process will set in motion and the good and the great will gather..."

The Rumours have proved to be true and so the members of the Electoral College of the Disputed Valley have gathered. With them they have brought the crowds and their entourages too. An atmosphere of excitement and joy has filled Wargstadt- acrobats,pedlars and street entertainers crowded the marketplace. Tomorrow sees the first session to be held in the Cathedral. The Electors will put forward their candidates,argue against those of the other members and hopefully agree upon two names. This process can take up to a month. Afterwards votes are cast and a new Duke is declared to the crowds assembled.

Fourteen men make up the Electoral College, each with their own agenda, their own masters to please and their own gold with which to bribe opponents. In the next post we shall meet them and hear of their foibles and fancies...


  1. Interesting things afoot over here!

    Alan, I just saw your message on EvE. I just tried (and succeeded) to leave and delete a comment on my most recent message at Despatches from Syldavia so something is working as it should for the moment. I logged in with my google account. Drop me an email if you still have trouble getting through: jjim006



  2. I look forward to your continuing accounts of the Electoral College.

    -- Jeff

  3. Wonderful that there is another Elector! in our universe of Kings, Dukes and Princes ...

    Mieczyslaw applauds the college and eagerly awaits their new selection!